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Toilet Clearing Rotterdam? A blocked toilet can be very annoying, especially when you only have one toilet. Unclogging a toilet is a job many people rather not do. Unfortunately, everyone gets to deal with it from time to time.

Fixing a toilet blockage is often not easy. In addition, clogged toilets can be accompanied by a nasty smell. This makes it a job most people don’t like to do themself.

There are a number of ways you may be able to unclog your toilet yourself. We have worked them out for you on this page.

Don’t feel like unclogging your toilet yourself? Call Toilet Clearing Rotterdam at 085 019 12 25 to discuss your job and make an appointment.

Locate the cause of a clogged toilet

When trying to unclog your toilet yourself, it is important to first find out where the clog is located and what caused the clog. In many cases, we see that a stuck object is causing a blockage.

Depending on what the cause is and where the clog is located, you can determine the best way to clear the blockage. Is the clog caused by too much toilet paper? Then try to break off or force the blockage down the drain.

Or did the clog occur because a toilet freshener fell into the toilet, for example? Then use an approach that will bring the blockage back to the surface.

Would you rather have your clog fixed by an experienced plumber? Then contact Drain Cleaning Rotterdam.

Visible toilet blockage

When the clog is not deep in the toilet and is visible, you can easily unclog it yourself.

In most cases, the clog is located at the bend in the toilet drain, the siphon. If this is the case, you can easily clear the clog yourself.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and remove the blockage by hand. Do not throw the cause of the clog back into the toilet, but rather into the designated dumpster.

Can’t get it done yourself? Then contact an experienced unblocker from Drain Cleaning Rotterdam at 085 019 12 25.

Unclog toilet with a plunger

Have you still not succeeded in unblocking your toilet? Then you could try unclogging your toilet with a plunger.

Before you get started, it is best to make the rubber of the plunger flexible by holding it under a hot tap for a while. This will help the plunger fit onto the drain better. When the rubber is flexible enough, you can get started.

Next, gently press the plopper down into the toilet neck. Make sure the plunger completely covers the drain. Then quickly pull the plunger toward you. This creates suction, which should cause the clog to move back up into the toilet.

Caution! Do not use too much force when pressing the plunger. This can make the blockage worse. This method is all about pulling back the plunger. Hopefully this will clear the clog.

Unclogging toilet with dish soap

Is your toilet still clogged? And do you think oil, grease or too much toiletpaper is the cause of this? Then try unclogging your toilet with dish soap.

Before you get started, we recommend covering the floor around the toilet with a towel. Next, you can get started.

Fill a bucket with warm water. Then throw in some dishwashing liquid. Mix this well and throw this into the toilet.

Make sure not to pour boiling water into the toilet. This can damage the porcelain of the toilet.

Call the professionals of Toilet Clearing Rotterdam on 085 019 12 25 to discuss your situation and make an appointment.

Be careful with a plumbing snake

We do not recommend using a drain snake when unblocking a toilet.

This is because there is a chance that the spring will get stuck in your toilet. It will also cause damage to the porcelain and the inside of the toilet.

If you think it is necessary to use a plumber’s snake spring, call in the help of Drain Service Rotterdam.

Still having a clogged toilet?

Have you still not managed to unclog your toilet yourself? Then don’t wait any longer and call in the help of Drain Cleaning Rotterdam immediately.

Our experienced plumbers work carefully and purposefully. Using special equipment, we can clear any clog! Besides solving blockages, we are also happy to help you with preventive maintenance of your sewer and drain.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment or for more information. We solve all problems quickly and professionally. You can reach us at 085 019 12 25. We will come to you quickly to fix your clogged toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment with Drain Cleaning Rotterdam?

If you are dealing with a clog in your Sewer, Drain, Toilet, Sink, etc.,  you can contact Drain Cleaning Rotterdam at 085 019 12 25. We are happy to help you get rid of your clog!

Can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment by calling, at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, to 085 019 12 25.

When can I expect you?
Our telephone operator will agree a time block with you. You can expect our technician to be with you within this time frame.
How long does an unblocking / unclogging take on average?
Every clog is different. On average, unblocking a clog takes about 45 minutes.

Because every job is different, the technician will make an estimate on site beforehand. Only after you agree the engineer will start the work.

What are the prices of Drain Cleaning Rotterdam?

The prices of Drain Cleaning Rotterdam are very transparent.
There are no call-out charges. For the first half hour, you pay €97.50 including labour and VAT.

If the job takes longer than half an hour, you will be charged €29 per quarter-hour. This includes labour and VAT.

For some jobs, there is a charge for necessary tools. In the evenings or weekends, the price will be higher.

Is there a warranty on the work?
It is possible for a clog to return over time. Does this happen within 3 months of the unclogging?

No problem, Drain Cleaning Rotterdam will come and solve this for you free of charge.

What are the activities of Drain Cleaning Rotterdam?

Drain Cleaning Rotterdam unclogs everything connected to the sewer system. We clear blockages in the sewer, toilet, bathtub, shower drain, sink, rainwater drain & cistern.

Drain Cleaning Rotterdam will also help you with jobs such as a pipe burst, a sagging sewer, odor problems and flooding of your basement, for example. You can also reach us when your sewer needs to be replaced.

Would you like to enlist the help of our Drain Service Rotterdam? Feel free to contact us at 085 019 12 25.

What is the working area of Drain Cleaning Rotterdam?
We operate in Rotterdam and surrounding areas. No matter where you live in Rotterdam, we do not charge a call-out fee!

It does not matter whether you live, we are happy to help you and can be with you in no time.

Call 085 019 12 25 now to discuss your job and we will come by as soon as possible to clear your clog.

Can I unblock my sewer myself?

In many cases it is difficult to unclog the sewer yourself. However, there are several options that may allow you to clear your clogged sewer. These include using a drain snake, a plunger, baking soda or a pressure washer.

It may be that the blockage is too stubborn and you cannot solve the clog yourself. If this is the case, we would be happy to come unclog your sewer. Feel free to contact Drain Cleaning Rotterdam at 085 019 12 25.

How do you clear my blocked drain?
Every blocked drain is different. We cannot give an unambiguous answer. What is very important is the cause of the clogged drain.

We are happy to come by and examine the clogged drain. We will give you an price quote in advance. Do you like the quote? Then we get to work immediately!

Would you like to make an appointment with us? Feel free to contact us at 085 019 12 25.

How do I clear a clogged toilet?
It is very annoying when your toilet is clogged. Sometimes you can clear it yourself. For example, you can do this with a plunger, a plumbers snake, or dish soap.

In some cases, you may not be able to clear your toilet yourself. The blockage may simply be too stubborn.

Can we help you with your clogged toilet? Feel free to contact Drain Cleaning Rotterdam at 085 019 12 25.

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